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About Katy Anderson & Katie Krembs

As co-founders, we bring our yin and yang to California 24. In uniting our respective creative and analytical sides, we’ve established a balanced partnership that delivers above-the-bar service and results. Katy (with a “y”) is on the right side of our brain, taking on presale preparations, design, and marketing for the team. Katie (with an “ie”) is on the left side. She leads pricing strategies and disclosure preparations. Our team and your experience are bettered further with the combined efforts and expertise of our assistants, tradespeople, designers, stagers, and inspectors. We believe in teamwork. A rising tide lifts all boats.

Katy (with a y) Anderson


I’m Katy, a devout Northern California girl, Bay Area native, and co-founder of California 24. Quick with a joke and first on the dance floor, I’m a self-described homebody who loves the outdoors and a long lunch! I lived in Alameda County for my entire adult life until 2021, when I moved “through the tunnel” to Contra Costa County with my husband, Trevor, our tween daughter, Georgia, and her younger brother, Isaac. I have a deep appreciation for and firsthand experience with the urban and suburban lifestyles both counties offer within and between them. I can represent you on either or both sides of the Caldecott Tunnel: My goal is to help you make your move efficiently. For sellers, I employ my love of design, marketing, and branding to tell your home’s unique story and attract buyers. For buyers, we will work together to find the right neighborhood in addition to the right house. My greatest strength for all clients is that I am OK being the “bad guy”— it’s what makes me good. You deserve simple, truthful, empathetic, and direct responses in your real estate doings. You also deserve someone to stand by your side and fight for your interests. Let’s get you into your next escrow and have fun doing it.


Bachelor of Science

UC Berkeley



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Katie Krembs Headshot.jpg

Katie (with an ie) Krembs


I’m Katie, a Michigan Wolverine raised in Cleveland, Ohio, and co-founder of California 24. Always attracted to urban centers, I lived in both Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia before moving to the Bay Area with my Coast Guard husband, Mischa, in 2011. In a moment of serendipity months after my arrival, I met my work wife, Katy. Within a year, I left my Montessori preschool teaching job and became a full-time agent. While building our business on a foundation of shared respect and appreciation, Katy and I learned of our opposite yet complementary strengths. I am the literal, analytical, and methodical one of the pair. Driven and dedicated, I’m here to make sure you succeed, and I’ll work as hard as it takes to get you where you want to go. After living in Oakland for 10 years, my family moved to Walnut Creek, where I enjoy being a mother to my two spirited daughters, Madison and Zoe.


Bachelor of Arts

University of Michigan




To get you to the strongest negotiating position possible, through a sales process that's easy. AND to where you want to go, on time.

Our approach to selling and buying property combines traditional practices with innovative systems and education. We are passionate about achieving great results through expert marketing and agent collaboration.


Story Telling

Every home has a story. Whether we are sharing a home's history or inspiring its potential, our story-telling marketing connects consumers to our listings on a personal level.

Bar Raising

Our job is to set you apart from the competition-- so good is not good enough. We're constantly seeking out the bests in the business. Delivering a high-quality product and experience returns excellent results.


We quantify our results by combining numbers and value. We promise to represent your best interests always and to negotiate for what you want.

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